The MaKCari’s Story – Chapter 1

Gursoy Hassan was only 20 years old when he left his mama and papa back in Cyprus and moved to London.

All he brought with him was £20 and a lot of ambition.

Gursoy soon met and married the girl of his dreams.

In 1976 came the birth of their first son Nejmi Hassan and in 1979 a joint celebration, the birth of their second son Hassan Hassan and the opening of their very first restaurant.

Both sons went all the way through school, collage and university whilst always helping out in the family restaurant.

Nejmi graduated with a degree in Law and went on to work for one of England’s finest criminal law firms, and Hassan graduated with a degree in Business and decided to work alongside his father in the family business which by this time had become a mini empire consisting of a chain of restaurants and a number of freehold investment properties.

A few years later Nejmi decided to join forces with his father and brother and soon after Gursoy decided to semi-retire and leave the running of the company to his two well trained and more than capable sons.

Together Nejmi and Hassan have taken the family business to higher heights and have opened two more restaurants. They created the KC’s Café – Restaurant concept in 2006 with their first café in Tonbridge, Kent.

Their aim is to keep KC’s a name that associates itself with Quality of food, service, cleanliness and most importantly family values.

only time will tell what fate lays ahead!

The MaKCari’s Story – Chapter 2

January 2008 saw Nejmi and Hassan make their boldest move to date with the acquisition of Macari’s Coffee Lounge and Ice Cream Parlour in Herne Bay. Macari’s specialised in home made gelato, and was a very well established family run business that had been handed down through generation since 1931. However, it had unfortunately been hugely neglected and was in much need of change and modernisation. Within a few months the Café was unrecognisable and with the KC’s influence has now become better than it has ever been and continues to prosper.

By 2009 Nejmi and Hassan took over “The BandStand” on the seafront of Herne Bay (A very famous building and one of great local interest) and re-launched the brand and celebrated the merge of KC’s and Macari’s to create MAKCARI’S.

This is where our Gelato Chefs make all our Gelato and the café has become a very popular local attraction for tourists and locals alike.

2010 saw Nejmi and Hassan take yet again another bold move by expanding with the opening of the very first MAKCARI’S Fish & Chps a very upmarket chipy serving ONLY Fresh Fish, also on Herne Bays Sea Front. MAKCARI’S also celebrated the achievement of 5 STAR Health and Hygiene Award from Canterbury City Council, something we work very hard to achieve and are very proud of.

The MaKCari’s Story – Chapter 3

Only time will tell what happens next…

We hope you enjoy your visit to MAKCARI’S and that your expectations have been realised.

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